Digital Transformation Service

Reduce complexity, increase organizational readiness for digital transformation

Digital progress is not just about tech and tools - it is about clarifying strategy, empowering people and adapting the organization. How do we set priorities? What are the business goals and which organizational and technical fields of action result from them? How do we create change, take people along and clarify processes, roles and responsibilities? Digitalization raises many questions beyond technical discussions.

Big Picture & Road Map

How can we analyse our internal and external environment and derive a strategy with fields of action?

Know-how & Awareness

How can we foster digital capabilities and mindset?

Organisation & Processes

How can we design user-centric processes, workflows and roles?


How can we assess our system architecture and select the right tools?

Big picture: Analysis & road map

• Identify goals and strategic priorities
• Structured stakeholder interviews
• Objective, fact-based assessment of the organization’s digital maturity
• Derive hard facts and insights to enable consensus on conclusions
• Translate recommendations into a roadmap
• Validate and refine IT architecture from a business perspective and derive technical requirements • Assessments and impact measurement

The human factor: Digital change & employee engagement

In order to tap into the full potential of digital progress, internal change is needed. The aim is to motivate and empower employees:
• Workshops and tools for Strategy communication, employee training and engagement
• Develop digital Skill matrix for organizational development

Organization, process and service design

Customer experiences and internal processes without friction and silos:
• Identify priority use cases and design corresponding internal processes and customer experiences
• Service design, prototyping, development of self-service interfaces
• Identify organizational bottlenecks
• Integrate strategy with systems and workflows
• Analytics and insights that drive higher engagement & ROI