Network & Security Service

Ensure the security and operational reliability of your infrastructure at optimized TCO.

Efficient operations and effective protection are not achieved through the most comprehensive technical solutions, but through integrative approaches that include technical and organizational conditions. We offer a wide range of services to enhance security and ensure reliability while reducing overall complexity. To achieve this, we optimize, integrate, and automate the existing system landscape rather than simply replacing infrastructure with new (and expensive) appliances. We are technology and manufacturer agnostic.

Network design and operation

Network analysis and architecture design, especially for complex, heterogeneous networks. In addition to know-how for common manufacturers, we also offer the option of building very cost-efficient and high-performance networks with MikroTik. Furthermore, we have broad experience in operating and troubleshooting networks.

Security Architecture & Enforcement

Effectively protect your system landscape:
• Zoning and segmentation
• Firewall configuration and policies
• Endpoint protection and micro segmentation
• Security audits
• Network Access Control (NAC)
• IoT security
• VPN connection

Logging, Monitoring & Incidence Response Planning

Not just data collection, but gaining visibility and clarity:
• Select metrics / useful information to store and archive
• Choose a logging framework (e.g. elastic, graylog)
• Build a centralized logging infrastructure
• Enrich data with context
• System Monitoring
• Define and classify your alerts and plan the response (playbooks)

Glue logic: Integrate and automate

By integrating and automating the system landscape, we reduce complexity and ensure that the various systems work together efficiently.