Narrowin lightweight Explorer

Comprehensive visibility and insights across your complete IT/OT network

The Narrowin lightweight Explorer provides fast and deep insights into your network. Our proprietary, vendor-agnostic technology crawls the network to automatically visualize and characterize its topology. It discovers and collects information about network devices & hosts, segments and vlans, etc. The time-consuming documentation is no longer necessary. Teams can easily understand the overall structure of the network (IT, ICS and IoT) and how it evolves.

Automated, vendor-agnostic data gathering and mapping

  • Automatically generated and interactive map of the network with network devices and endpoints/hosts
  • Visualization of network segments and zones
  • Fully searchable

  • Increase stability and security through network analytics

  • Fast debugging and vendor-agnostic live data on devices and configs
  • In-depth analysis of topology, e.g. spanning tree
  • Identify security risks, e.g. unpatched devices
  • Find network design incosistencies and misconfigurations