Narrowin lightweight Explorer

Comprehensive visibility and insights across your complete IT/OT network

The Narrowin lightweight Explorer provides fast and deep insights into your network. Our proprietary, vendor-agnostic technology crawls the network to automatically visualize and characterize its topology. It discovers and collects information about network devices & hosts, segments and vlans, etc. The time-consuming documentation is no longer necessary. Teams can easily understand the overall structure of the network (IT, ICS and IoT) and how it evolves.

Automated, vendor-agnostic data gathering and mapping

  • Automatically generated and interactive map of the network with network devices and endpoints/hosts
  • Visualization of network segments and zones
  • Fully searchable

  • Increase stability and security through network analytics

  • Fast debugging and vendor-agnostic live data on devices and configs
  • In-depth analysis of topology, e.g. spanning tree
  • Identify security risks, e.g. unpatched devices
  • Find network design incosistencies and misconfigurations

  • «The visibility gained allowed us to immediately identify measures to improve the security and stability of the network. The explorer helps us to segment the OT network, to find errors more quickly in the event of disruptions, and to continuously track the expansion of the network. This saves us a lot of time.»

    Walter Radtke – Head of network control technology, Eniwa