Narrowin Lightweight SDN

State-of-the-art network designs at minimal cost.

Our "lightweight SDN" approach offers the possibility to build secure and efficient networks without high costs and complexity. The proprietary platform for network management includes modern security concepts (zoning, NAC, etc.) out-of-the-box, as well as self-service features, automation and standard integrations. These advantages are combined with the unique price/performance ratio of Mikrotik hardware. The solution significantly simplifies network operation and relieves the strain on network and security personnel - without compromising on security and performance requirements.

Simple, modular and secure

We implement secure and lean designs for small, medium and large organizations. Whether data center or campus, external locations or specific OT - our approach is easy to deploy and operate. Security concepts such as network segmentation are already implemented in the design and can be easily customized.

More about the features

80% hardware cost savings

With our selected and specifically configured Mikrotrik switches:
  • Efficient also in the 25, 40 and 100 GB range.
  • No artificial life cycles etc.
  • Campus, data center and core - everything covered.

  • Example designs & cost

    Optimized for lean operations

    The advantages are noticeable not only in the deployment, but also in operation:
  • Self-Service: Our intuitive controller makes network operation easy and requires no expert knowledge.
  • Automation & Integration: Ansible interface, easy integration with logging & monitoring systems (e.g. elastic) etc.
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