SDN Network Controller

High security – plug & play

Security zones and zone interface points are already preconfigured and can be rolled out directly or customized for your company. If required, functions for endpoint segmentation of legacy/unpatchable devices and for network access control (NAC) are also available. Templates and standard security profiles are available for all functionalities. This means that the initial effort is not only small regarding the technical deployment, but also regarding the conceptual requirements.

Easy configuration and status overview

Central overview and control of the network configurations, e.g. assignment of switch ports to the already preconfigured zones and Vlans. Quick overview of all network devices and easy troubleshooting.

More visibility in the network

An automatically generated netmap shows the current topology of the network. Unknown devices can be detected and traffic between and within network segments can be logged.

Extensible technology stack

Logging & monitoring with Elastic, network automation with Python and Ansible - the solution can be easily expanded thanks to our standardized technology stack.